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Options at Defensive Tackle

There is no secret that the Dolphins’ rush defense pulled a Houdini trick at the end of the season and disappeared. If you were to zero in on one thing … Continue Reading →

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Houston we have a Problem

When the Dolphins entered the 2014 season, every sports gambling fan and everyone in the Miami organization knew that the linebacking crew was one of the weakest units on the … Continue Reading →

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Obsessed with Winning

(Note from the editor: As a reminder to fans, there is no reason to get mad about this, let’s let the investigation unfold and let the NFL take care of … Continue Reading →


Guard Duty

The Dolphins entered the 2014 season with a completely revamped offensive line. The unit came into the season with a huge question mark. In the first half of the season … Continue Reading →

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Statement Signing

The Dolphins will be entering the 2015 free-agent signing period with only a few million dollars worth of cap room, but they have many players on the roster that will, … Continue Reading →


Need a Back up QB

Last year was a big year for Ryan Tannehill and the offense. Tannehill set new career season highs in QB rating, yards, and touchdowns, which are all very important statistics … Continue Reading →


Clogging the Middle

By the end of the season the Miami Dolphins’ once vaunted rush defense fell apart, and was allowing teams to run up and down the field against them as if … Continue Reading →

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Not Fixing what’s broken

The old saying goes, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it. So logically when something is broken then one should fix it. But the Dolphins will be bringing back Defensive coordinator … Continue Reading →

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Do I feel Lucky?

This Sunday at 6:40pm the Indianapolis Colts will travel to New England to take on the Patriots. For Tom Brady and the Patriots this will be their 4th consecutive AFC … Continue Reading →

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Clearing cap space

Over the the last few days we have spoken about whether or not the Dolphins should bring back Hartline and Wallace, and lastly today we will talk about the third … Continue Reading →