Pump the Brakes

First, the Dolphins did it. They needed the win. Ohhhh, did they need the win. They traveled across the big drink with the buzz of controversy as their contrail. Injured, … Continue Reading →

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Taking Care of Business

After all the distractions last week, Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins finally did what Phins fans have been waiting all season for them to do; play all around good … Continue Reading →

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Shut up and win:How to bet the Phins Raiders game

This had been a busy week of nonsense for the Miami Dolphins, with Philbin’s non-comment QB controversy, and the Dolphins traveling across the pond to play football in a place … Continue Reading →


Joe Philbin: A Leader of Men

  The British dictionary defines leader as:  “a person who rules, guides or inspires; head”.  Head-Coach is Philbin’s title. One he is paid quite well to be. As the HEAD-COACH he is … Continue Reading →


The Runner and the Titan

  The last time WE ‘Phins had true glory was wwwwaaayyy back in the seventies: when we ran the ball. We ran the ball the best, then. Tomorrow’s game and … Continue Reading →

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Focus needs to be on Raiders

The distractions started this Monday when Coach Philbin refused to say if Ryan Tannehill will be starting against the Oakland Raiders this upcoming Sunday in London. Now of course with … Continue Reading →

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Losing faith in Coaching Staff

One of our loyal readers recently made a very good point, that the Dolphins have a whole lot more talent than they have had in many years, but the team is … Continue Reading →

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To Bench or Not to Bench?

The silent chatter about benching Ryan Tannehill, has increased to a more loud talking level, and is quickly approaching a deafening screaming level. On Monday Philbin declined to comment on … Continue Reading →

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Going No where Fast:Positives and Negatives of Week 3

The Dolphins are now 1-2 and their season is quickly slipping away. If the Dolphins can not find a way to turn this ship around fast, then Philbin will most … Continue Reading →

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Back on Track With a win against KC

The Miami Dolphins will host the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at 4:25p in Miami, and the Dolphins will be looking to redeem themselves after last weekend’s embarrassment in Buffalo. … Continue Reading →