Can Gaffney get back to form?

After a bye week, and 2 weeks of being inactive Jabar Gaffney finally saw some playing time as a member of the Miami Dolphins. In his Dolphins debut he caught one pass for 30 yards, and also dropped a pass. It is obviously too soon to tell what type of production the Phins will get from Gaffney for the remainder of the season, but the sports betting strategy is that he can at least contribute.

phins newsLast year Gaffney played for the Washington Redskins, and had career highs in receptions and yards with 68 catches and 947 yards. He also added 5 touchdowns, and this was done with scrub QB’s such as John Beck and Rex Grossman. The sports betting strategy is that when he finally gets comfortable in the Phins offense, then RT or Moore should be able to benefit from the experience of the cagey veteran. I would assume that with each passing week his role in the offense will continue to expand and will give us the opportunity to use more 3 and 4 wide receiver sets.

In addition to Gaffney, it appears that Marlon Moore’s role has quietly been expanding as well. He had a superb catch last game, and has so far tallied 4 catches for 83 yards and a touchdown so far this season on his 4 targets. He is another player that should continue to see his role in the offense expanding as long as he continues to perform. It appears that the coaching staff is beginning to trust him “Moore and More”, and it is nice to see him responding positively to the added responsibility. The better teams in the league receive contribution from all players on their roster, and if Gaffney and Moore can do their part, this will be a major boost to the Phins playoff push. Yes folks a playoff push is clearly a reality this season!

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  • phinfreak says:

    I guess thats why fins waived AArmstrong. Philbin wasnt lying when he said in this offense theres no #1 WR….love the Offense now.

    The elephant in the room now is…who starts at QB on Sunday?

    • Jimmy Bourbon says:

      yeah and I am glad we didnt pull the trigger earlier and give a way draft picks for AA. Yes I love the offense….
      Regardless who starts they should probably keep it close to the vest as long as they can, and make Indy prepare for both QB’s

  • Ireland is a country says:

    Jesus Christ I can’t believe what I’m reading…a playoff push? Thing is, you’re right. I am astonished at what these coaches have done, especially considering that they’re playing guys that Sparano had for a few years and got very little from. This team plays smart, disciplined football and except for the Texans game, hasn’t really beaten themselves. Pouncey is kicking ass on the regular. The WRs just do their job. The front seven on D plays well consistently and the secondary has played decently. Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012…

    • Jimmy Bourbon says:

      Yeah I was shocked just writing it, but the facts are we are one of the 8 best teams in the AFC at the moment and as long as we continue to play like we have then we will have an extremely strong possibility of making the playoffs. And even though this season is similiar to when we made the playoffs in Sparano’s first year, the obvious difference is that the coaching is 10x better. At the moment Philbin is one of the head canidiates for coach of the year, and he is not coaching like a rookie, he his making ballsy calls at the perfect moment, and truly I have said it before, he reminds me a lot like Belichick, and that is clearly a good thing. I am excited about this game coming up, but I am not going to lie I can’t wait to see what we can do against the Pats. Haha if the Dolphins win the division and a playoff game then surely the world will end, haha

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