Dolphins first depth chart reveals Ireland may have done well this offseaon

Following Monday’s practice coach Philbin revealed his first depth chart of the season, and for anyone who has been following the Dolphins during training camp, there are not too many surprises. Nothing is set in stone, but at least for now football gambling fans can begin to see how the Dolphins starting roster is beginning to take shape.

David Garrard has been penciled in as the starter, and from all reports coming out of camp he has been the unquestionable leader in the 3 man race for the starting spot. Personally when I first heard that we acquired Garrard, I immediately dismissed it, and assumed he was just going to be a backup. I was not convinced that he was going to be the same pro bowl QB he once was, after missing an entire season with a back injury. Well it appears I have been proven wrong at the moment, because according to all reports he has looked very sharp and has no lingering effects from his injury. Phins news fans should be pleasantly surprised by the fact that we may have actually upgraded our QB position from last year. The question is can this at first blush questionable acquisition by Jeff Ireland, prove to be an acorn that becomes a diamond in the rough? At the moment it appears phins news fans may have once again sold Ireland short, before the season even started.

What is even more interesting for football gambling fans is that 3 other questionable acquisitions by GM Jeff Ireland, at the moment appear to be panning out. CB Richard Marshall is ahead of Vontae Davis on the depth chart, which regardless of the outcome of the ensuing battle for the starting spot, can be reckoned that the corner back position was upgraded this offseason with the aide of Ireland. In addition two of the three starting wide receivers are also acquisitions made by Ireland this offseason; Legedu Naanee, and Chad Johnson. At the moment I will not concur that we upgraded at the wide receiver position, because we did give up a pro bowl wide receiver in return for a flaming bag of shit and 2 measly 3rd round draft picks. Granted Marshall dropped a lot of passes, but he was still a playmaker that defenses had to game plan around. So the jury is still out to see if that move, coupled with the addition of these two veteran WR’s was wise or costly.

So at the moment it appears that the much despised Ireland may have surprisingly had himself a very productive off season in the player acquisition department. The question for phins news fans now, is can this translate into more victories for the team this season?


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  • phinfreak

    dude…Ireland FA pickups may (or may not) pan out. They havent played a down of football for the fins yet, so nobody can say. As for the draft, Ireland himself is a bust based on results since he’s been here.

    Dont go crowning their asses yet.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Dude… obviously they have to get to the real games first to give a true evaluation, but it is definitely encouraging that some of the standouts of camp are the new FA picks up Ireland. Im just saying for all our bitching and moaning this offseason over Irelands moves, they just may pan out more then any of the fans could have expected.

  • phinfreak

    Bourbon….der goes that theory about FA’s…one ‘big name’ FA down, oh, no wait! two FA down….Ireland on a roll here….not gonna happen bro….there is NO TALENT on this team to do anything in the AFC East. Sorry. Just sayin.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      haha it was looking a lot better a week ago…. there is still hope for CB marshall, and Naanee, and if we will see what RT can do.

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