Coming into this season the expectation bar was set very low, especially considering there would be a rookie head coach, and a rookie quarterback. However after 6 games, the Phins have proved all sports gambling fans wrong, and there is no reason to think that this trend will not continue. The bottom line is that the Phins are 3-3 and they are in a 4 way tie for first place in the AFC East.

There are 10 games left, and I know everyone is saying there is no way we will make the playoffs, and to lets be happy that we appear to be on the right track. But I say why not now? There is no time like the present, and the lets face it, the upcoming schedule is pretty weak, and we all know that next year’s schedule is not going to be as advantageous as this year’s. Also you know the Dolphins players in the locker room are not thinking, “yeah lets be 8-8, that is a great accomplishment.” They are going out on the field to win each and every game, and their goal is to make the playoffs.

I think the performance in the next game against the Jets will be the barometer for the rest of the season. If the Phins can come out of the bye week with an impressive victory, then it is time for phins news fans to up their expectations, and believe that this team right now can make the playoffs. We can beat the Patriots, we can win go 7-3 over our next 10 games, and we can make the playoffs. All this talk about needing another receiver and another draft to fill our holes is true, but it should also be obvious that this team right now can win with what they have. Yes, I might be setting myself up for disappointment, but I believe the goal coming out of this bye week should be to make the playoffs, and with some hard work, and a few lucky breaks this could be a reality. What does the rest of the Phins news fans think????


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  • Lance

    The realist in me thinks it wise to only bump up my preseason prediction by two games at the most: from 6-10 to 8-8.

    But I’m an optimist, and If we stay injury free I believe we can do something very special, akin to the 2008 season. And I’m definitely one of those fans who doesn’t believe in sacrificing wins for draft position–win every game you can. I agree with you that the Jets game will be our barometer, and if we can win that and one game against the Patriots, I believe we will make the playoffs.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      8-8 is probably a solid prediction, but just like you I am an optimist and believe there is a chance that we can make the playoffs. Basically with everyone being tied in the division at this point, it comes down to a 10 game season, which ever team has the best record in the next 10 games will be the victor. I saw on Espn, some writer actually gave the Dolphins a 40% chance of winning the division, that is a lot better than our odds before the season started

  • phinfreak

    Wow! win a couple games and irrational exhuberance comes rushing in.

    C’mon man! There’s a ton of football left to be played, Fins are a 6-10 team that might, MIGHT! overachieve to 8-8.

    Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

    C’mon maaan!

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      You must be kidding, the Dolphins are few made field goals away from being 5-1 that is a fact. They are tied for first place with everyone in the division, and lets be honest, no team including the Pats, appears to be that dominant. The upcoming schedule is extremely doable. You think any one in the locker room is gunning to be just 8-8? I don’t think so, enough of this maybe next year talk, the time is now. Weak division, weak schedule, lack of injuries, these are all favorable for a chance to make the playoffs. This team should not be taken lightly.

      • Lance

        He is also forgetting that the playoff talk was predicated on beating the Jets and the Patriots once (at least in my scenario)–the rest of the schedule is not that tough, just like 2008. This team and their fans have every right to argue they belong in the top 8 teams of the AFC.

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    For Phin Freak:

    One of my all time favorite coach rants.

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